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Mission: Community Voice International is a nonprofit organization that facilitates cultural understanding and supports international development by improving communities’ capacity to share cultural resources.

Vision: Communities throughout the world will have the capacity to share their cultural resources globally to actively engage in cultural exchange and improve their quality of life.

Background: Throughout the world there are communities seeking to improve their quality of life but facing financial barriers to undertaking development efforts. Many of these communities also produce unique music which could produce profits if it were marketed to an international audience. Community Voice International is based on the idea that the sales of these communities’ music can and will generate the seed money to fund the development efforts desired by community members.

Pilot Project: In order to prove the concept that local music can be recorded and sold to fund local development projects, Community Voice International is currently implementing a pilot project. This pilot will execute the model on a small scale, helping just a handful of communities. Later, based on the evidence from the pilot, the model will be scaled up to help communities all over the world fund their development work.


Every last cent of the proceeds from the sale of our partner communities’ recordings goes straight back to the communities to fund their development efforts. That means that we rely on the generous contributions of our supporters to keep our work moving forward. If you’re interested in supporting us, please write to:

or donate here.


Community Voice International
P.O. Box 2888
Ann Arbor, MI 48106