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Community recording earnings used to fund well repairs

We are happy to announce that Community Voice International has begun to return record sales proceeds to our partner communities. These sales, generated through the sharing of locally-recorded music with audiences around the world, are used by communities to fund development efforts prioritized, planned, and implemented by the community members themselves.

The first community to receive their funds is Keur Daouda Cisse, Senegal. This community has been working with Peace Corps Volunteer Karen Chaffraix and Water Charity to repair its wells and improve local access to clean drinking water. The community has put a great deal of work into these wells, and we are grateful to be able to work with both Peace Corps and Water Charity to help the community members bring this project to life.

Photo credit: Karen Chaffraix

You can help the community to fund the completion of its wells by purchasing recordings of their beautiful Mouride chants or by donating to Water Charity’s project site. A community empowered to effect positive local change and transforming music into a tool for development is a powerful force for good in this world.

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