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Students sing for justice, support Community Voice International

Toronto’s City View Alternative Senior School is a small school for grades seven and eight who want their education to be steeped in social justice and peace. Students learn about local and global injustice and are encouraged to find creative ways to respond to this injustice. One way they address injustice is through music. Students compose songs about injustices and perform them at an annual concert called “Singing Songs for Righting Wrongs.” The students then donate funds raised from the concert to a cause they feel relates to the theme of music and justice.

This year Community Voice International is honored to have been selected by City View Alternative Senior School’s students as the recipient of this generous donation. The connection between music and justice is at the core of our mission, and when we learned of the school’s program, we were very impressed by their dedication. Students have been learning about African music and its influence on western musical styles as African people were displaced through the injustice of slavery, and Community Voice’s connection with music in West Africa was quite relevant to their recent lessons.

The power and universality of music as tool to fight injustice is central to the student’s expression. As teacher Michelle Munk told Community Voice, “Communicating a message through music can evoke a different response than simply using words…[I]n history, when victims were not able or allowed to write about their situations, many turned to music to convey their messages of struggle.”

Community Voice International is humbled to be chosen to be a part of City View Alternative Senior School’s students’ work and grateful for their generous donation. Thank you!

Please consider making a donation to further Community Voice International’s work yourself.

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