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What a difference a song makes: Keur Daouda Cisse

We are excited to report that we are very close to being able to send the first wave of earnings from recording sales back to our partner communities in Senegal. We would like to sell a few more recordings to maximize the funds being sent out. So, this week, we are sharing some insights into how much impact the earnings will have on the members of these small, rural communities. Today we will focus on Keur Daouda Cisse.

Every evening, a group of young men gather in a dirt courtyard in Keur Daouda Cisse, Senegal, layout a large mat, and sit down to sing. They sing chants traditional to the Mouride Brotherhood–an order of Sufi Islam of which many people in Senegal are members. Children, women, and older men gather around to listen, sway, and snap with excitement. It is a powerful event to witness, and the young men are exceptionally talented. When the community had the opportunity to share this chanting with a global audience, they were understandably proud.

DSC_0009Photo credit: Karen Chaffraix

When we asked the community how they might want to use any funds they could earn from the sale of their recordings, they told us about their water pumps. The community has several water pumps to access clean drinking water, and they are all broken. As we look to send the first wave of earnings back to Keur Daouda Cisse, we are excited that they will be able to begin repairing their pumps and improving their access to clean water.

DSC_0082Photo credit: Karen Chaffraix

If you would like to help support Keur Daouda Cisse’s efforts to fix their pumps and have better access to drinking water, please consider purchasing the community’s music below. You can preview the songs and purchase them by clicking on “buy” in the music player or by clicking on the links below the player to purchase the music on iTunes or Amazon.

Jere jef! Merci! Thank you!

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