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What a difference a song makes: Sare Bidji

We are excited to report that we are very close to being able to send the first wave of earnings from recording sales back to our partner communities in Senegal. We would like to sell a few more recordings to maximize the funds being sent out. So, this week, we are sharing some insights into how much impact the earnings will have on the members of these small, rural communities. Today we will focus on Sare Bidji.

Musicians and griots came from all the nearby villages to perform in Sare Bidji, Senegal. They played traditional Pulaar music for several hours–tirelessly sharing a key part of their culture with great zeal. When we talked about the potential of earning money from selling recordings, the community got very excited about the possibility of using the funds to pass their traditional music on to young people. The griots haven’t had the resources to train the next generation of musicians and storytellers, and selling recordings to a global audience gives them a new way to generate funds to ensure their communities’ culture thrives.


After finding out that our team was coming to their community to record, many young people began to take an interest in the project and voiced their desire to learn more about these songs and ideas which have been passed down through the generations. This first wave of earnings will allow the griots to build new instruments (like the ñaañeru and drums pictured in these photos) for students and begin teaching their first cohort of young musicians. Help get a traditional instrument into the hands of a Pulaar girl or boy by sharing the community’s music!


If you would like to help support Sare Bidji’s efforts to pass their traditional music on to their young people, please consider purchasing the community’s music below. You can preview the songs and purchase them by clicking on “buy” in the music player or by clicking on the links below the player to purchase the music on iTunes or Amazon.

On jaaraama! Merci! Thank you!

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